Singing Bowl 25.5cm - 'Full Moon'

This magnificent 25.5cm 'Full Moon' singing bowl is one of our finest quality singing bowls, and was handpicked by us in Nepal. It is etched with the mantra of compassion (Om Mani Padme Hung) in Tibetan script on one side.

The 'Full Moon' singing bowls that we stock are made only on full moon nights in a Himalayan region of Nepal. The intention is to create a particularly high quality sound influenced by the energy of the moon, and tuned to a musical note. These singing bowls take five to six months to make by hand, as they are only worked on once a month on the full moon night. In Buddhism, Full moon days are considered to be auspicious for spiritual activities.

The main note for this Singing Bowl is 'C'. A wooden striker, felt striker and brocade cushion are included (colour may vary).


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